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Ben Sawyer “I am now into my fifth year as a member of The Songmen, and I really feel that it is the most enjoyable and most challenging musical experience I have had to date. I grew up singing in churches and cathedrals, wonderful places with wonderful people, and this gave me my love of all things choral. From my early days at Kingston Parish Church I took every opportunity to sing that I could get and I thank my then Director of Choral Music at school for putting me on the countertenor line as, for some reason, that's what my voice seemed to want to do. I went on from there to enjoy some great times at Birmingham, Gloucester and latterly Tewkesbury Abbey.

I've already had some great opportunities with The Songmen. After our first visit to Lübeck as a fledgling a cappella group in 2009, I thought I would try my hand at arranging for the group and am happy to say that this seemed to have been a good decision. Aside from my singing, I am principal arranger and this involves researching songs suitable for us to perform and working out interesting and new sound worlds for these songs. This has als led me to composing original works for the group as well. As an educationalist, I also take a leading role in our work in schools and look forward to building on this over the coming months and years.

Another aspect of life in The Songmen which I enjoy is all the great places I have been able to visit and all the great people I have been able to meet. The list of countries the group has now been to is ever expanding but highlights so far have been a week by the Atlantic Ocean in Northern Spain and a week by the Pacific Ocean when some of us went to San Francisco to help the Godfather of a cappella Bill Hare work his magic on the tracks for Midnight. One of my favourite parts of all this is getting to know the culture and especially enjoying the food in all of these wonderful places.

All in all, it's a great time to be in The Songmen and I look forward to meeting you at one of our concerts in the not too distant future.”


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